Welcome to the Kansas City Gallery Map's Visitor Resource area! -- This section is an adjunct to our main site, which attempts to provide a comprehensive guide to Kansas City's extensive collection of art venues and events. If you are visiting the city and happen to be interested in seeing art, this overall guide may be of great use to you.

It is our hope that this visitor resource section will offer you some choices as to lodging, dining, shopping, and entertainment in the greater Kansas City area. On the subject of lodging, we have tried to be somewhat comprehensive. Regarding food, we have given you a large sampling of top-rated dining establishments. However, there are so may eateries in the city it would be impossible to list all the ones that people might enjoy. The same goes for shopping. There are countless shops and stores here. So, we have given you a map of major places where stores of interest congregate. In both cases, you may want to explore a bit. As for things to do and see, there is a list of KC's most popular spots for sports, culture, sight-seeing and recreation. Again, ours is a big and complicated city, full of items that should make your visit very satifying. We hope that you find and take full advantage of Kansas City's treasures. Best of luck. -- Click on the topic bars below to see maps and lists.

When you visit Kansas City, you'll feel right at home.

Being centrally located, and home to many top companies and attractions, Kansas City draws in people from far and wide. For Midwestern travelers, the "City of Fountains" offers guests numerous possibilities for accommodation. You will find that city hotels respond to a wide range of lodging needs and preferences. - So, what brings you to our doorstep? Are you attending a convention? There are plenty of grade-A hotels at KCI Airport, Downtown, and in Overland Park. Here for business, or to visit friends and relatives? There are great hotels in KC's major areas of activity, both in the city center and around the surrounding suburban beltway. Visiting for fun, or perhaps only passing through? There is lodging near all of Kansas City's top attractions. Whatever your reason for being here, no matter how long or short your stay, our city will take good care of you in proper style. Rest asurred, you'll leave with a smile.

Welcome to a place your taste buds will never want to leave.

You came to Kansas City to eat barbeque, right? Well, you're in luck, 'cause we have some of the world's very best. And there's a fantastic BBQ joint on practically every corner. What's that you say, though? You're hungry for something else? Something more elegant, or less meaty, or more unique? Not to worry. KC has that covered, too! Our city is a dining mecca, filled with world-class, five-star chefs and eateries, all the way over to the tastiest burger joint or vegan cafe. Whatever you long for, we've got it cooking. Food critics and dining fanatics are constantly scouring the landscape to locate the most sumptous, satisfying meals. There are literally tons of great dining spots in Kansas City, many more than one could hope to list. So, by all means, we encourage you to explore. Here, however, is a list compiled from restaurant reviews, citizen recommendations, and personal experience. May the forks be with you!

Be sure to pad your schedule. There's a million things to do.

What's your fancy? KC is filled with plenty of interesting things to see and do. Like sports? Perhaps you might like to watch the Royals or Chiefs play, or attend a race at the Kansas Speedway. Into museums? We have some great ones, like the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and the National World War I Museum. There's also the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library. Are live performances your thing? You can witness top cultural events at the impressive Kauffman Performing Arts Center. Or hear concerts at the Sprint Center arena. Starlight Theater would provide you with a delightful open-air evening experience. There are also many smaller venues for plays and dance. For intimate jazz, you could visit the 18th & Vine District or The Phoenix. Want to get some exercise in? Go play at Worlds of Fun, or walk around the Kansas City Zoo. Of course, we have an iFly indoor skydiving center to thrill you. If you are in a more contemplative mood, we have beautiful parks of various sizes. I would recommend the rose garden at Loose Park, but there are others where you can walk, sit and enjoy nature. Want to get rich? Drop by one of Kansas City's four river casinos. And you can't beat the city's famous landmarks like Union Station and the fountains on the Plaza.

We have things you didn't even know you wanted to buy.

As with all major metropolitan areas, Kansas City has plenty of retail establishments and complexes to satisfy your every shopping desire. The premier shopping area is, of course, the beautiful and historic Country Club Plaza. For people who can't get enough shopping under their belt, there are several large malls in the metro area, surrounded by satellite retail buildings. Oak Park Mall, Ward Parkway Shopping Center, Towne Center Plaza, and Independence Center. Likewise, there are some large outdoor complexes to indulge yourself in. Zona Rosa and The Legends. On a more intimate scale you will find a number of community shopping centers to pass your time at. The shops at Prairie Village, Brookside and Crestwood for example. If your prefer something manageable, yet fancy, try the delightful shops at Crown Center and Prairiefire. Lastly, in the southern surburbs there are large areas of retail establishments running along primary streets, such as Metcalf, 119th St. and 135th St. Aside from that you will find the overall city dotted with fun and exciting stores and strip malls just waiting to sell you whatever your heart craves. Please enjoy yourself and have fun collecting wonderful belonging. And be sure to leave ample room in your luggage.

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